To elevate classroom learning by using artificial intelligence to provide teachers with the tools they need to create engaging and personalized learning experiences for all students.

AI-Driven, Personalized Learning

Driven by advanced AI-driven algorithms, our platform discerns each student's unique learning patterns to tailor content specifically for them. Coupled with Virtual Reality (VR) and immersive 3D videos, this approach transforms mere information into engaging, interactive experiences. By merging AI and immersive tech, we ensure students connect deeply with their curriculum, making comprehension more intuitive and enjoyable.

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  • Lesson Planning:
    We integrate AI tools to help generate and improve lesson plans, assessments and learning content.

  • Delivering Lessons:
    There is a seamless integration of teacher lesson plans into a student portal.

  • Insights and Reporting:
    AI is used to provide insights on student learning needs, style, and performance. Helping teachers provide personalized learning support 

Powerful AI CHat

For Students

By leveraging the potential of AI, students are being supported in unprecedented ways. BaxterBot serves as an on-the-spot academic sidekick, offering immediate feedback and personalized learning assistance. redefining the extent of educational support available for ELL and ESE students. 

Total transparency

For Parents

Be a part of your child's learning journey. Our platform emphasizes parental involvement, giving you insights and updates about your child's educational journey in real-time.

Teachers guides and controls

For Educators & Schools

Embrace the education evolution. Scholar Education's classroom enhancement platform empowers educators, providing them with a deeper insight into students' progress and cultivating a more interactive and engaging teaching experience.

The next evolution of schools

"We've seen the transformative power of technology in various sectors. It's time for education to embrace this evolution. With Scholar, we're bringing a blend of innovation, dedication, and transparency to the classroom."

Ed Buckley, PhD

Chairman of Scholar Education’s board